37 pieces Accessory Sensor Kit with 29 Learning Lessons on CD

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This Kit comes with many different sensors and actors and learning lessons on CD. A PDF manual, explaining all the Arduino code examples, is also included.

All the included modules can be used with any kind of micro controller platform, but the code examples and Fritzing drawings are made for 5V Arduino boards (Mega 2560, Duemilanove and Nano).

All the parts are safely stored in a clear plastic box.

Important information:
Because of the size and the weight of this product, every order containing this product will be shipped as Expedited Parcel (with no extra charge), regardless of any other products ordered the same time! This is a great opportunity to get your parts very quick.

37 pieces Accessory Sensor Kit with 29 Learning Lessons on CD comes with the following parts included:

  • Joystick module X/Y with push button function
  • Flame sensor, adjustable sensitivity, analog + digital out
  • RGB LED 5mm, common cathode
  • Infrared Heart Beat sensor
  • 2 x Mercury Switch with LED
  • Hall Effect sensor
  • Relay Module
  • Adjustable Hall Effect sensor with analog + digital output
  • RGB LED SMD, common cathode
  • 7 Color LED Flasher
  • Mercury Switch
  • Digital Temperature sensor (1-Wire bus)
  • 2 x Noise Sensor/Switch, adjustable sensitivity, analog + digital output
  • Touch Sensor/Switch, adjustable sensitivity, analog + digital output
  • 2 x Dual Color LED red/green, common cathode
  • Laser LED red
  • Tilt Switch
  • Temperature Sensor (analog)
  • Temperature Sensor/Switch, adjustable sensitivity, analog + digital output
  • Tactile Push button module
  • Photo Resistor module
  • IR LED sender module
  • Tracking / Line Follower sensor module
  • Buzzer module (active)
  • Reed Switch with trigger circuit (magnetic switch)
  • Shock sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor (digital 1-Wire bus)
  • IR receiver module
  • Avoidance sensor, adjustable sensitivity
  • Buzzer module (miniature speaker, passive)
  • Mini Reed Switch
  • Rotary Encoder with push button function
  • Analog Hall sensor
  • Knock / Tap sensor
  • Mini Light Barrier module
  • CD with manual (English) and example code for Arduino

Note: This product is a beginner kit and not meant to be a sensor kit for professional or industrial use. All modules are working the way they are supposed to, and it is fun to build all the experiments described in the manual, but the quality of the circuit boards and the soldering is below average and not what you are probably used to expect from our own CANADUINO brand products.

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