5 Sensor Starter Kit for Arduino etc. Vibration, Tilt, Reed, Fire, IR Light Barrier

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5 Sensor Starter Kit for Arduino and other Micro Controllers. Containing Vibration, Tilt, Reed, and Fire Sensor, and IR Light Barrier.

A set of 5 different sensors for experiments and hobby projects.

All sensors have the digital output in common; light barrier and fire sensor have adjustable sensitivity. The 5 sensors, beginning from the left, are vibration sensor, tilt switch, magnet switch (reed switch), infrared light barrier, and fire sensor.

The power supply should be chosen accordingly to the connected micro controller; for example 5V for an Arduino Uno, or 3.3V for an Arduino Due or Zero.


  • Operating Voltage (max.) 2 – 35V
  • Operating Voltage (recommended) 3.3 or 5.0V
  • Digital Output (sink) max. 16mA.
  • ​​​​​​​Dimension PCB 14.5 x 31.5mm, 2.2-2.6g


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