Advanced Arduino DIY project ‘Tree 2’ sound and RGB LED light effects with Arduino Nano V3

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CANADUINO Advanced Arduino DIY project ‘Tree 2’ and ‘Tree 1’. The only fully programmable decoration pine trees with light and sound in the world 😉

We cut a circuit board in the shape of a pine tree (Christmas tree), and added 12 colorful RGB LED. We also attached a socket for an Arduino Nano V3, 2 buttons, and 1 potentiometer. You can download the example sketch with 5 Christmas carols and different light effects to your own Arduino Nano. Or you can just buy the kit with the already programmed Nano included. In our example sketch we use the potentiometer to modify the speed of the music and light show. All you need to do is solder some parts to the PCB. Hook it up to a 9V battery or an USB phone charger, and enjoy the show.

Advanced Arduino DIY project ‘Tree 2’ only available from Universal Solder! Free programmable sounds and light show in the shape of a Christmas tree!

If you already have an Arduino Nano or compatible you can chose this product without the Nano module and download the example sketch to yours.

Watch a video on Youtube: Canaduino Tree 2

Click to download the example code

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