Arduino Nano-Uno adapter CANADUINO “Nanuno passive”

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Our Arduino Nano-Uno adapter¬†“Nanuno passive” is the perfect addition to your Arduino Nano. We designed it in shape and functionality of an Arduino Uno. Furthermore, we added 2 additional analog ports to it. Ports you will not find on any other Arduino Uno.

Arduino Nano-Uno adapter “Nanuno passive” connects to just every Arduino shield.

Arduino Nano-Uno adapter “Nanuno passive” is a completely passive port converter. It may be your first choice whenever you would like to hook up shields to your Arduino Nano.

Another “active” version, with additional high performance voltage regulation, is capable to supply 5V and 3.3V for your entire project. This should be your favorite for bigger projects, built around your Arduino Nano board as base and power supply.

Special bottom-entry headers, included in Arduino Nano-Uno adapter “Nanuno passive”, save room and let the Arduino Nano connect to the bottom side.

The Arduino Nano board is hiding underneath the Canaduino Nanuno board. The room on top is free for shields. This is a unique and smart design. You can easily assemble this DIY kit in about 5 minutes, or you order the already assembled and tested product.

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