Arduino Uno Basic Bread Board Parts Kit incl. Atmega328P-PU with Boot Loader

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The Arduino Uno Basic Bread Board Parts Kit contains the basic parts for every Arduino bread board project. To bring your own Arduino project to life on a bread board, you need some capacitors, and a 16MHz crystal. And of course, you will need an “Arduino controller” like the Atmega328P-PU. Additional, we put a LED and a reset button to it. This is all you need to start with your Arduino project on a bread board / prototyping board.

We already installed the Arduino Uno boot loader on the Atmega328P-PU in the Arduino Uno Basic Bread Board Parts Kit.

This kit contains the following parts:
– 1 Atmega328P-PU with Arduino Uno Boot Loader installed
– 1 DIP socket 28 pin
– 1 crystal 16 MHz
– 2 capacitors 18pF
– 1 capacitor 100nF
– 1 resistor 330-680Ohm
– 1 resistor 10k Ohm
– 1 reset button
– 1 schematics

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