Arduino Uno Bread Board Parts kit, ZIF socket, Atmega328P-PU

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The perfect Arduino Uno Bread Board Parts kit contains the basic parts for every Arduino bread board project. To bring your own Arduino project to life on a bread board, you need some capacitors, and a 16MHz crystal. And of course, you will need an “Arduino controller” like the Atmega328P-PU. Additional, we put a LED and a reset button to it. This is all you need to start with your Arduino project on a bread board / prototyping board. We already installed the Arduino Uno boot loader.

The ZIF-socket (Zero Insertion Force) we added to the Arduino Uno Bread Board Parts kit helps you avoiding bent or broken pins on your Arduino controller chip.

This kit contains the following parts:
– 1 Atmega328P-PU with Arduino Uno Boot Loader installed
– 1 ZIF socket 28 pin
– 1 crystal 16 MHz
– 2 capacitors 18pF
– 1 capacitor 100nF
– 1 resistor 330-680Ohm
– 1 resistor 10k Ohm
– 1 reset button
– 1 schematics

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