CANADUINO Bread Board Buddy, smallest Arduino Uno incl. Atmega328P 16MHz

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CANADUINO Bread Board Buddy is the smallest Arduino Atmega328P module, and your little helper to move your Arduino Uno project on a bread board. Bread Board Buddy is like the eco version of an Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano. It has the crystal, reset button, and the typical LED on board. It is really like a very tiny Arduino Uno board. Furthermore, the pinout is identical with Arduino Nano.

You can start your Arduino Uno project or your Arduino Nano project with the same controller board, and without wasting room, on a small bread board.

Bread Board Buddy smallest Arduino Atmega328P is the perfect replacement for Arduino Uno AND Nano for your bread board projects!

The LED is connected to pin D13, but can be disconnected by removing the jumper cap. The foot print is compatible with Arduino Nano, but without the voltage regulator pins (3.3V, Vin) and the analog inputs A6 and A7.

The kit contains the PCB, all parts incl. Atmega328P-PU with boot loader and “blink”, and instructions.

Documentation, data sheet, instructions…

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