CANADUINO Uno Bone “basic”, DIY Arduino Uno R3 compatible kit

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Canaduino Uno Bone – the DIY Arduino Uno R3 compatible control computer! You want to assemble your own Arduino Uno? And with some advances compared to the original? Canaduino Uno Bone is compatible to Arduino Uno R3. There are 2 different versions, “Basic” with just the minimum on necessary parts to build an Arduino Uno compatible controller board. And “Maxxx”, the version with a much better voltage regulation and industrial grade design. Canaduino Uno Bone can save up to 90% power compared to an original Arduino Nano R3 by:
– deactivating or no LEDs (up to 25mA)
– no USB controller (up to 20mA)
– deactivating or no voltage regulators (up to 5mA)

Canaduino Uno Bone “BASIC” comes with the following features:
– Atmega328P-PU with socket and Arduino Uno Boot Loader installed
– 16 MHz crystal with capacitors, Reset button, screw terminal for power supply
– it needs a 5V power supply
– it doesn’t have a 3.3V voltage output

The also available DIY Arduino Uno Bone “Maxxx” version comes with additional headers, 1.5A voltage regulator with heat sink for 5V, 250mA voltage regulator for 3.3V, and 3 LEDs.

NOTE: The “Bone” has no USB interface, and can be programmed using the ICSP header. Or with an Arduino Uno as programmer, for example. If you need on-board voltage regulation for a wider input voltage range and a 3.3V supply voltage for shields or sensors, go with the “Maxxx” version of Canaduino Uno Bone.

  • Canaduino Uno Bone “BASIC” kit contains the following parts:
  • 1 x PCB Canaduino Uno Bone
  • 1 x DIP Socket 28 pin
  • 1 x Atmega328P-PU (bootloader installed)
  • 1 x 16 MHz Crystal
  • 2 x Capacitor 18 pF
  • 2 x Capacitor 100 nF
  • 1 x 3.5 mm terminal block 4 pin
  • 1 x Schematic and solder instructions

Download data sheet / instructions HERE.

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