CANADUINO Uno Bone LPR low power 3.3/5V Arduino Uno R3 compatible

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Canaduino Uno Bone LPR is the most versatile, rugged Arduino Uno R3 compatible controller board. With all digital and analog ports protected against over voltage and short circuits, the Canaduino Uno Bone LPR is the perfect choice for beginners with less experience in electronics, and for highest reliability in industrial applications. It comes like our other Uno Bone models without a USB connector, which is most of the time a requirement for industrial applications, to protect the circuit from unauthorized manipulation.

Furthermore, Canaduino Uno Bone LPR is specially designed to save as much as possible current, to make it the ideal choice for battery powered applications.

To save as much as possible power, and to make the Canaduino Uno Bone LPR compatible to 3.3V shields or sensors, we integrated 2 voltage regulators and designed this Arduino Uno R3 compatible controller module to run perfectly with 3.3V and 5V, instead of only 5V like an original Arduino Uno R3. The power consumption with 3.3V is just about 20% of the power consumption with 5V! The minimum necessary voltage is about 2.8V, injected to the 3.3V pin, with disabled voltage regulators (disabling by removing a jumper). This makes the Canaduino Uno Bone LPR able to run (with limited temperature stability) on a single 3V lithium button cell!

Please have a look at the data sheet to see the details about voltage and power consumption.

Canaduino Uno Bone LPR comes in 2 different versions: As a fully assembled and tested module, or as a DIY kit with already assembled SMD parts and manually to assemble through-hole parts.

(Product image shows one of the manually assembled prototypes)

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