CANADUINO ZIF Socket Arduino programming Shield

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Canaduino’s ZIF socket Arduino Programming Shield means no more fiddling around with bent leads and baggy DIP sockets! You are using your Arduino Uno board to program blank chips for the use on bread boards or in other circuits? Always trying to remove the chip without bending the leads? Here comes the solution for your programming needs. This little board just hooks up like any other shield to your Arduino Uno R3 (or compatible) and gives you the liberty of inserting and removing your Atmega328P chips without wear, bending legs or breaking the standard DIP socket.

The ZIF socket Arduino Programming Shield comes with a 16MHz crystal for the Atmega328 MCU.

The ZIF socket adapter also has cutouts to make the Arduino Uno on-board LEDs visible.

Canaduino ZIF socket shield comes with the following features:

– PCB size 57 x 53 mm
– 4 long lead shield header
– ZIF programming socket for Atmega328 / Atmega328P
– 16MHz crystal for the controller

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