PIR Motion Detector Sensor Switch micro controller compatible

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PIR Motion Detector Sensor Switch micro controller compatible, or as Stand-Alone Motion Switch.

The passive infrared sensor measures that little amount of infrared radiation coming for example from living object or running engines. Delay and sensitivity of this sensor are adjustable, and 2 trigger modes can be selected by moving a jumper cap (single or continuous trigger). The maximum detection distance is about 7m, and the delay can be set to max. 300s.

The output pin (3.3V logic level) can drive loads up to 10mA.


  • Operating Voltage 4.5 – 20V
  • Current Consumption <65uA.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and Delay time (up to 300s).
  • Output 3.3V level (5V logic compatible), max. 10mA
  • ​​​​​​​Dimensions 24 x 25 x 33 mm, 7.0g


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